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Rojava Report Back: Building Autonomy in Syria — Event at Woodbine co-presented by Reels for Radicals

Please join us Thursday for a discussion with a friend who has recently returned from spending 9 months in Rojava, where they were a part of both the YPG (People’s Protection Units) and TEV-DEM (Movement for a Democratic Society). They will discuss the complex political situation in northern Syria, the practice of democratic confederalism in the region, and direct involvement of international volunteers in this historic movement. They will also share details on everyday life within Rojava, which rarely makes it to the news we receive in the United States.

This follows reports by a number of members of Woodbine on trips taken to Kurdish regions of Turkey, Iraq, and Syria over the last 2 years, to learn about the practice of building democratic autonomy in war-torn nation-states. Many around the world have flocked to the region to learn about this movement, with the idea that what’s taking place offers an example of how to build a new shared life amid ruins.

Co-presented by Reels for Radicals:

Suggested Reading:
–“The Project of a Democratic Syria” (2015):
–“The Experience of Co-operative Societies in Rojava” (2016):
–“Cooperative Guidelines” (2016):

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