We Interrupt This Program

We Interrupt This Program is a collaborative video/web series launching on January 20, 2018 for the anniversary of Trump’s inauguration. This project is bringing together some of the most cutting edge independent media makers to provide a special report from the organizers against white nationalism, neoliberalism, patriarchy, and colonialism.

Global Uprisings, Sub.Media, Woodbine, Global Revolution and many independent media makers are joining us on a 10-part video series about the rise of far-right politics and resistance movements.

Beginning on J20 2018, episodes will be released online for free every week into the end of March. Topics include: ANTIFA, borders, climate change, healthcare, housing, education, #metoo, tech, police & prisons, and militarization. We Interrupt This Program is a joint project produced by Deep Dish TV and Paper Tiger Television.

PLEASE SUPPORT THE PROJECT! Every donation counts, even $5, and will go toward paying independent media makers for their hard work on this series.