Program: Danny Schechter The News Dissector (1942 - 2015)

Danny Schechter was a close personal friend and a good friend of Deep Dish TV. In February 2014 he presented and led a discussion on South Africa and Mandela's death at one of Deep Dish TV's monthly Salons.

Such a wonderful contributing life, so vital, so engaged. After the pain of losing an e...

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  • U.S & ISIS - Destroying Iraq's Cultural Heritage

    U.S. and European media plastered the horrific images of ISIS destruction of the ancient artworks of Iraq in the museum of Mosul. Little mentioned was the similar damage done to Iraq's museums and archeological digs in the wake of the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003. Why is it not accurate to speak of (im)moral equivalency?

  • LAPD Murder Inc. Division Kills Another Black Man

    Another validation: Black person killed by cops, security guards or vigilantes every 28 Hours"

  • Sonia Sanchez on Love and Liberation

    Excerpt from Poet / Activist Sonia Sanchez of the Black Arts Movement: Remembering Malcolm X presentation at the I Love Malcolm Valentine's Day celebration

  • Right Wing "Prison Reform" Juggernaut

    One hundred and thirty years ago, Frederick Douglass described "the general disposition in this country to impute crime to color." Fifty years ago, Malcolm X spoke of how the Black community "has been projected as a community of criminals."


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