Join Cooperation Jackson and Deep Dish TV for a special “An American Nightmare: Black Labor and Liberation” Project livestream discussion hosted by Kali Akuno, featuring Jared Ball and Thandisizwe Chimurenga Tuesday, September 27th at 8 pm eastern/7 pm central/6 pm mountain/5 pm pacific.

Is there any substance to the democratic promise of electoralism within the settler-colonial cum capitalist-imperialist “project”? Or is the role of electoralism, pure and simple, a systemic and historical deception falsifying reality, regenerating the illusion that it is not a system of settler-colonialism and capitalism-imperialism, but one that it is, potentially at least, a democratic multi-class multi-racial system, and that only those who chase this illusion will receive the paltry benefits of temporary privilege. The adherents to such illusions must clearly promote the settler-colonial theft of indigenous lands and power, the perpetual oppression of black labor and life, and the indispensable hegemony of the US as the primary global imperialist power.


Watch live or attend in person: 939 W Capitol St, Jackson, MS 39203-2632, United States

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