Program: Pieces of Madrid

This short documentary explores ongoing resistance and self-organization in the midst of the economic and social crisis in Madrid, Spain.

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Program: Bosnia and Herzegovina In Spring

The story of the uprising in Bosnia and Herzegovina that started in early February 2014. Under pressure of protests, four regional governments resigned. The protests were followed with mass popular assemblies, referred to as plenums, that quickly spread across the country.

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Program: Black Women, Sexual Politics, and the Revolution

Feminist home-girls offer an indestructible analysis of sex, class and gender attitudes in the Black and Latino communities.

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Program: The Oakland Commune

Occupy Oakland's particular character resulted from years of struggle and repression in the Bay Area. This short documentary by Deep Dish TV producers Brandon Jourdan and Marianne Maeckelbergh details the ongoing story of the Oakland Commune.

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Program: Destruction of Global Environment (Global Warming)

From the film Crimes Against Humanity: The Bush Record, a documentary of the five indictments brought by the International Commission of Inquiry into the Crimes Against Humanity of the Bush Administration.

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Program: Our Future Is Now: Youth and the Environment

This show -- by and about kids -- focuses on youth action around the country and the world to help the environment.

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  • A Fierce Green Fire

    If we don't save the environment, then whatever we do in civil rights will have no meaning. Because then we will have the equality of extinction.

  • Fred Ho August 10, 1957 – April 12, 2014

    Composer, aurthor, scholar, provocatur, teacher warrior, and bad-ass baratone saxaphonist. Founder of Scientific Soul Sessions.

  • 1971: FBI successful break-in

    On March 8, 1971, with a TV broadcast of the Muhammad Ali-Joe Frazier fight serving as sure-fire distraction for security, eight activists calling themselves the Citizens' Commission orchestrated a dramatic break-in to the FBI offices in Media, Pennsylvania, packed hundreds of classified files into suitcases and sent them out to the press.

  • Pieces of Madrid

    The latest short documentary in the Global Uprisings series explores ongoing resistance and self-organization in the midst of the crisis in Spain.


Featured Videos

  • Global Dissent

    Reactions to the first Gulf War from across the globe.

    Topics: Gulf War 1990
  • Access To Oxygen

    Access to Oxygen explores the root causes, initial efforts, and growth of the Environmental Justice Movement. Too often waste and power generation plants are stuck in poor minority communities, with dire results. This envir...

    Topics: None
  • Suncookers

    Wood is the basic fuel for over 2.5 billion people in the world. Women in northeastern Kenya spend hours a day searching for wood resulting in deforestation, soil erosion and cooking smoke induced lung diseases. Margaret Owino has found ...

    Topics: Environmental Justice
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