Program: People's Climate March - Bike Bloc

The Bike Bloc promotes bikes as part of the solution to fight the global climate crisis with positive people power.

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Program: People's Climate March - Bread and Puppet Theater

Bread and Puppet Theater put on a pageant version of their "Anti Tar Sands Manifesto". Company members talk about the importance of art as a tool for organizing for social change while engaging the community with issues surrounding the tar sand struggle affecting indigenous communities and caribo...

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  • The Ghosts of Vietnam

    Or "How Filmmakers Still Try to Put a Humanitarian Face On At Least Some Aspects of the U.S. brutal and destructive war on Vietnam. Rory Kennedy's "Last Days in Vietnam" is a case in point.

  • LAPD Murder Inc. Division Kills Another Black Man

    Another validation: Black person killed by cops, security guards or vigilantes every 28 Hours"

  • Sonia Sanchez on Love and Liberation

    Excerpt from Poet / Activist Sonia Sanchez of the Black Arts Movement: Remembering Malcolm X presentation at the I Love Malcolm Valentine's Day celebration

  • Right Wing "Prison Reform" Juggernaut

    One hundred and thirty years ago, Frederick Douglass described "the general disposition in this country to impute crime to color." Fifty years ago, Malcolm X spoke of how the Black community "has been projected as a community of criminals."


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