Program: Where Should The Birds Fly

The first film about Gaza made by Palestinians living the reality of Israel's siege and blockade.

The moving story of two Palestinian young women who embody hope for the future of Palestine.

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Program: Zwelinzima Vavi and Final Remarks - Russell Tribunal on Palestine - New York

Zwelinzima Vavi and Final Remarks - Russell Tribunal on Palestine - New York

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Program: Fighting for Our Lives and The Wrath of Grapes

This two part video foucuses 1) on the pesticides sprayed on the fruit we eat, and 2) the history of the united farm workers.

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Program: Invisible Women

Three women refuse to remain invisible victims of HIV and defy notions of female complacency through art, community AIDS education, and AIDS activism.

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Program: How the Student Immigrant Youth is Leading the Immigration Debate

This panel discussion, filmed by Deep Dish TV at the 2011 Left Forum, featured immigrant youth activists from the New York State Youth Leadership Coalition and the Colorlines Drop the "I" Word campaign.

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Program: Iraqi Refugees - Ikhlass Story

The interview focuses on one Iraqi survivor and her two young daughters. Ihklass recounts the tragic story that detrmined her fate as a refugee, and she speaks out against American occupiers who destroyed her world. This surviving small family continues to seek resettlement in a third country.


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Program: After Deportation: Portraits of Migrants II

Undocumented youth fighting for their rights, the Lehman Dreamers told the world why they are "Undocumented, Unafraid and Unapologetic".

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Program: Expansion, Intervention and Migration

Operation Bootstrap: a 1950s precursor of NAFTA forced on Puerto Rico as an "industrialization" program. And a look at an evangelical crusade in Latin America

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Program: "We" the People: A Conversation on Immigration

"An exciting conversation on immigration policy, activism and art in the context of the upcoming election with Define American founder Jose Antonio Vargas, recently featured on the cover of TIME (along with the story of nearly 12 million undocumented Americans), Karen Kaminsky (New York Immigrati...

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Featured Videos

  • Environmental Racism

    This program examines the phenomenon of environmental racism and shows what grassroots movements are doing to redefine issues such as housing, education and health as environmental concerns.

    Topics: None
  • Andrei Codrescu and Christopher Hitchens

    Andrei Codrescu, Romanian exile poet and frequent contributor to NPR's popular radio program "All Things Considered" speaks with journalist Christopher Hitchens about the betrayal of Romania's December 1989 Revolution.

    Topics: Art and Politics
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